Do you think your Al- Fatihah recitation is correct???

At Rizq Islamic School, we want to be propitous not only to the students and the community within, yet we also want to share and spread the knowledge and love to all. So on 17th September 2016, Rizq Islamic School is having a workshop to help everyone to recheck and improves the quality in Al-Fatihah recitation. It will only be held in two hours time, from 10a.m. until 12p.m. and it will be conducted by our very own Head of Islamic and Quran Studies, Ustaz Nazri Dewa Al-Hafiz, graduated From Al-Azhar University, Egypt, and Former Lecturer at Darul Quran, JAKIM. Besides that, we will introduce to all visitors to Rizq Tahfiz Methods during that day. It is open to everyone and the admission is free. Mark your calendar, save the date and see you there!

Date: 17th September 2016

Time: 10.00am – 12.00pm

Venue: Main Hall, Rizq Islamic School