Education is a vital human right and plays a key role in human, social, and economic development.

To this date, millions of children are still denied their right to education. Restricted access to education is one of the surest ways of transmitting poverty from generation to generation. Every girl and every boy should have the right to a quality education so that they can have more chances in life, including employment opportunities, better health and also to participate in the political process.

RIZQ Mercy is founded in order to ensure that every child receives a quality basic education, prioritizing the poorest, most vulnerable and those living in underprivileged situations. 


Rizq Mercy supports Malaysia’s government to ensure every child receives a quality education. 


Rizq Mercy’s vision calls for inclusive and equitable quality education for all, including for children with disabilities. 


Rizq Mercy promotes high academic achievement for all students kindergarten and primary level. Our goal is to close the gaps in opportunity and achievement that consign far too many young people, especially those from low-income families, or who lives in high risk environment and don’t’s have access to proper education.


  1. We build stronger education systems.
  2. We support countries with the greatest needs, and the children and youth most often left behind
  3. We mobilize more financing for education
  4. We bridge the gap between crisis and development
  5. We share knowledge of what works


  1. Children with Disabilities
  2. Early Childhood Care and Education
  3. Knowledge and Innovation Exchange
  4. Out of School Children
  5. Teaching and Learning

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