Revolutionising Tahfiz school

KUALA LUMPUR: Driven by the same commitment in producing the next generation Muslim scholars, four youths from various education backgrounds are working together in establishing the first modern Tahfiz (Islamic teaching) school in the country.

Utilising a 21st century state of the art teaching method, founders of Rizq Islamic School hope that their efforts can one day come to fruition when more Muslim scholars can be produced through modern education systems, instead of sticking with the traditional ‘sekolah pondok’ methods.

The school that received its approval from the Education Ministry last July is being lead by Abdullah Firdaus Abd Jalil, 29, along with three others, Mohd Azzizat Abdul Rahman, 29, Dr Nurshifaa Mohd Yusof, 27,  and Khairul Azwan Mohd Shafee, 24.

Abdullah said that the new modern approach aims to change the public perception towards traditional Islamic schools, where some had conveniently exploited as a donation hub.

“We hope to break the society’s stigma towards Tahfiz schools. Every time we mention Tahfiz school, the idea that comes to mind is that the students are wearing robes, turban and studied in shop houses.

“There are also several irresponsible party taking advantage of the situation where we often see the students are exploited into collecting funds in financing the school, indirectly tarnishing the dignity of the institution. These are the kinds of stigma that we hope to change,” said Abdullah.

The UKM scholar added that the school, located in Sungai Ramal Dalam, Kajang, will apply conducive and modern learning elements just like the one currently being used in Finland.

Equipped with world class education instrumentation, the learning concept is customised based on the integrated primary school curriculum, added with Quranic lessons, making the school the first of its kind.

“We are implementing a floating class system where a student does not necessarily have to study in one class alone. We use iPads for the teaching and learning experience, and a playroom concept which will encourage students to come to school everyday.

“We have since gotten positive responses from parents who have paid us a visit to register their children for the upcoming session,” he said.

Rizq Islamic School is scheduled to begin its operations January next year. It is estimated that 300 children will begin using the school along with its numerous facilities including 16 classes, an auditorium, a hall, game room and a football field.

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