What would you choose for your child?

Each and every parents share the same dream; seeing their children succeed and excel in life. But, how many parents out there who want their children to succeed world and hereafter?Speaking about the success of children undoubtedly involves education. Parents should drive   children towards excellence. Parents should have a clear awareness in choosing the best schools for their children.

Usually, for parents who can afford to pay extra will surely choose the ‘best’ school so that the ‘excellent’ outcome in academic and soft skills can be obtained. The question is, as a Muslim who believes in rule 5 pillars of Islam and six pillars of faith; do you want to see your child only ‘successful’ in his living? What about afterlife? Shouldn’t they be successful too?Plus, children are parents’ biggest assets in salvation-hereafter.

Speaking of school, in Malaysia there are so many options of schools; which are conventional, Islamic, orthodox, international, national, private, religious, tahfiz and many more. So it’s all about matter of choice. Which elements matter you the most? Why choose some and abandon others, while you could go to one place, which offer everything together as a whole?

Why Rizq Islamic School??

Rizq Islamic School (RIS) is the only international private Islamic schools that has been fully registered under Malaysia Ministry of Education (MOE) (600-9 / 1/1/161) in Klang Valley. RIS is one of tahfiz schools that integrate Primary School Standard Curriculum, Islamic Studies and Tahfiz Quran together in one system. RIS believes all these three modules have moved in tandem to produce balance knowledge and understandings; between current world and hereafter.

There are number of institutions that only offer Quran Memorization without academics approaches. The fact is in the era of 21st century, the academic knowledge should be given to children along with the Islamic studies and memorizing the Quran.  The academic knowledge is one of the knowledge divisions of al-Quran itself, it’s also been created by Allah for guidance in living in this world.

For example, one of the Muslim well-known scientists Ibn Sina (370-428 H) has started memorizing the Quran at the age of 5, and as early as 17 years old, he became a professional doctor. Up Until now his discoveries and theories have been used in any references, including the West scholars. This fact proves that academic knowledge and science of the Quran are closely interlinked with each other.

Is it difficult for children take all academic subjects and the Quran at once??

In RIS, we are using home-based and play-based learning methods, which are proven to be effective for children. Children are synonymous to playful. RIS celebrates our children ‘nature’ who like to play. In Finland, their education system is the best in the world, and through observation, RIS indicate that they celebrate the children ‘nature’ who like to play and integrate it in learning process. RIS decided to implement this approach so that the children feel school is a safe and comfortable environment and happy to be at school to learn something new, plus we also hope the children will have the perception that RIS is their second home.

How RIS dealing with children ‘akhlak’?

Speaking of akhlak and behavior, of course parents are the primary mould for the morals of their children. However, it is also part of school responsibility as children spend most of their time in school every day so it can influenced the morals and behavior of the children. In RIS, we are implementing continuous-learning process, known as “continues learning” no matter where they are; even on the mealtime, recess time and etc. The teachers will always be together with students for the “continue learning” takes place. In addition, RIS created it own module in order the continuity of learning process can be executed thoroughly.

RIS is being optimistic in creating a positive environment for the students in order for them to excel in their studies; especially in understanding the content of the Quran and Academic achievement. It has been one of RIS visions in becoming the best educational institution for all.

May Allah shower His mercy and loves on RIS Jannah Kids in becoming a well-prepared human being, not only to face the world, but also for here-after. Amen…