Play-based Learning


Play-based learning is one of RIS’s niches. RIS is using the play-based learning in school’s pedagogy and curriculum. We strongly believe that playing is the nature of children that can be used as a mediator and help to improve children’s learning process to an optimum level.

Play may provide opportunities to children on the process of restructuring, new discoveries, the enrichment process, the construction of knowledge and experience and the discovery of new concepts. This is the reason why we urge all of our teachers to apply the play-based method in the process of teaching and learning inside the classroom.

In the play-based learning, there are five main elements in order to complete the process;

  1. Introduction and Teacher’s preparation
  2. Defining the situation and role
  3. Preparing for Class Observation and Analysis
  4. Guidance/Direction
  5. Analysis & Discussion
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