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Assalamualaikum Warohmatullahiwabarokaatuh.

            A sudden sprout of the Covid-19 pandemic has called for the shifts in requirements and priorities for
student’s learning. It has influenced the ways and means of learning. It has influenced all the stakeholders viz.
teachers, students, institutions and parents. An  adoption of digital initiatives and IT knowledge and skills by
all the stakeholders is of prime importance. Teachers are to get themselves more prepared and ready to work
an extra mile because the situation demands for rapid change and quick adoption for the online platform.
Students are to get ready and be alert all the time for the dissemination of materials delivered virtually by
the teachers, failing which they will not be able to catch up and update their knowledge and skills.

            Online learning and face-to-face learning are not the same. Research has shown that online education
is not able to substitute social and emotional learning, critical and creative thinking, growing awareness of
multiple perspectives and developing respect for others who are different. Even though, we know that
face-to-face interactions between teachers and students along with vibrant and healthy debates and
discussions amongst peers within the classroom and outside are integral to quality teaching, but we do not
have the choice, we have to turn to online education. 

             Thus, in Rizq Islamic School (RIS), the entire framework of minds and working components of the
school has changed in accordance with the requirement of digital learning in order to win the battle. It is crucial
that the innovation and creativity stimulated be leveraged to make learning more just, inclusive and resilient.

            We have come up with strategic initiative, both at individual as well as institutional level to combat the
situation. Classes conduct are scheduled to the best that we could. With Allah’s will and blessings, students at
RIS, supported by responsible parents will be provided the best teachings and guidance throughout their schooling

Thank you.

Associate Professor Dr. Sharifah Meriam bt. Syed Akil

Academic Advisor

Rizq Islamic School (RIS)

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