Best International Private "Islamic-Tahfiz" Preschool School in Malaysia

The curriculum is holistic in nature, not much on academics, non-burdening, following the current needs and in line with KSSR.


  1. Communications (English & Bahasa Malaysia)
  2. Islamic Studies (Moral Value, Spiritual & Manners)
  3. Memorizing Surahs in Al-Quran, Solah Recitations & Du’a
  4. Storytelling and Conversations
  5. Music and movement
  6. Socio-Emotion
  7. Physical & Aesthetic
  8. Science & Technology, Mathematics

 RizQ Additional Module 

  1. Arabic (Discovery Through Meaningful Words in Islamic Adaab, Surahs & Solah)
  2. Huffaz (Surah Lazim & Juz Amma)
  3. Osmo ( Educational Game System for Apple)
  4. Edu Play (Water play, Role play, Creative play)

 RizQ Special Module

  1. RizQ The Junior Explorer (Practical Skills & Hands On)
  2. RizQ Sports
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