Security is paramount. Our guards are physically on duty 24/7, and CCTV cameras are implemented to monitor all activities within the school compound at all times. If you have any question or comment on issues related to safety, security and the health of the school environment, please contact the Administration Manager or Principal.


Absolutely no unauthorised personnel will be granted access under any circumstances, and all visitors entering the grounds must produce their identification card and obtain a Visitors’ Pass from the Guard Office. We remind parents that the security procedures exist at the school for safety purpose. Security Guards are unable to exercise flexibility and any failure to adhere to the procedures could result in rejection of access to the school premises. The security guards are not to be blamed for such conduct in enforcing the rules.

Fire Drill Policy Lockdown Procedure


RIS One Card is a multiple application identification card for the learners, staff and parents. It will monitor access to and from the school site with E-Attendance and E-Wallet. E-Wallet will carry monetary values to be used in the school shop and cafeteria. The one card system will also be used for printing, photocopying and in the library.

  1. All parents and designated drivers/domestic helpers are required to carry their ID card to school, and show this ID to the school security at the school entrance.
  2. Parents who forget to bring their ID card must register at the security gate and present a suitable alternative ID, which contains a photo (for example, a driver’ s license).
  3. Drivers/domestic helpers who regularly accompany learners to and from school must be registered with the school and be issued with an ID card. Unregistered drivers/domestic helpers will not be permitted to enter the school grounds.
  4. Bodyguards are not permitted in the school buildings without explicit permission from the relevant Head of School.
  5. Application for, and collection of new ID tags is made through the school receptionist. Please email for inquiries or more information.
  6. Credit top up can be done over our main office during office hour.
  7. Online credit topup will be available soon.


All drivers seeking vehicle access to the school ground must display a current vehicle pass on their vehicles; at the front of the motorbike or on the right side of car’s windscreen. Failure to display the said pass may result in security checks and cause delay and inconvenience to others.

Car park stickers are available from Student Services during school hours. Only two stickers are provided per family. Older learners with explicit permission from the School must obtain their stickers from the Senior Leadership Office.


To encourage independence among our learners, helpers/drivers are requested not to wait on the school premises during school hours, unless they are asked by the class teacher to participate in that day’s activities.


The school has Group Personal Accident coverage for all students and staff, as well as Public Liability, Fire, Consequential Loss and Burglary coverage for the school. The school also obtains insurance coverage for all school trips involving students.


Over time, photographs or video clips of our learners may be published in our website or used in publications such as the schools section in The Expat magazine or BeritaHarian’s education section. Should you find  usingyour child’s image is not to your liking, please inform the school management before the term starts.


Learners are permitted to bring such items to school and to use them at break times in approved areas. Learners must wear appropriate safety equipment and behave in a safety conscious manner. These items should be stored safely when not in use. The school takes no responsibility for the maintenance or security of these items.


The entire school campus is a designated smoke-free zone. Parents are asked to remind their drivers that they must not smoke inside the school campus.

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