Our Tagline


"Think Simple"

  • Every human being on earth was born with a preference for simplicity, and RIZQ Educare is the business entity that recognizes this benefit greatly. 
  • Simplicity is arguably the most potent weapon ar RIZQ Educare —attracting customers, motivating employees, helping outthink competitors, and creating new efficiencies. 
  • Simplicity is applied in all layers of work at RIZQ, from the basic, ideas, the way the company organized, innovated, advertised, sold at retail, and even provided customer service.
  • We believe simplicity takes work, simplicity is far from simple.
  • Indeed we all recognize that simplicity is a good thing.
  • We like simple things, simple environments, simple behaviors.
  • In short, the simpler, the more comfortable, the simpler the better.


  • RIZQ Educare is moving forward progressively in penetrating multiple field of businesses with the purpose to bring impact to the community in many ways.
  • At its heart, RIZQ Educare is an organization taking responsibility for the impacts of its decisions and activities on all aspects of society, the community, and the environment.
  • Our purpose also to ensure our organization can have a knock-on effect to encourage others to act responsibly too in other areas of their life.
  • It can help improve overall environmental responsibility, educate people to make greener choices and encourage personal growth and development in an area which could become a new passion for someone.
  • Our business is built on great service and building lasting relationships with our partners, and customers.
  • Our core beliefs and values help us to achieve this. We feel that we can enhance relationships with our whole community by acting responsibly and selflessly to make a better place to work and a better community to live in. 



  • We believe that community centred aspiration is the key to company’s success and will lead to well-being and happiness of all society members as a whole in the future.
  • RIZQ Educare is commited to become a role model in ASEAN as a company that prioritise community.
  • Any business plan to be made will consider community well-being, sustainability and benefits.
  • We are to become community oriented organization and that means our profit will be channelled to our company’s development consistently in order to ensure more benefits we can offer to community in line with our victory.


As a community centred company, our mission in benefiting community comes in many ways:

  1. To give employment opportunity.
  2. Our service in multiple fields to be a reference centre for all.
  3. To provide community with education and knowledge.


Respect each other

Integrity in action 

Superior in knowledge, attitude and character

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