Our Philosophy


RIZQ Educare is a community centred organization focusing on digital education, spreading across all field. Our belief is each individual, organization and community has something to give and something to gain. The people within the group are from a range of backgrounds, localities and interests and have come together organically, not driven by funding or policy but by shared values. Thus, at RIZQ Educare we aspire our community to bring impact to society through our core work which is education and at the same time, as an organization, we aim to give benefits to each individual in our company.

All sub-companies under RIZQ Educare has shared the same values to make community centred philosophy becomes real.


Rizq Islamic School mission is to empower the learners through the use of innovative, proven and effective educational programmes to ensure they reach their full academic, spiritual, personal and social potentials.

We want to provide the most creative and innovative education for children so we can develop students’ holistic self development.


  1. Digital edutaiment platform for children empowerment with creativity through innovative method.
  2. MyCelebrity to provide children with the proper platform to express themselves through art.
  3. RVS to become the most ideal solution to benefit students through the use of virtual learning education that is unique, interactive and user friendly.


To this day education remains one of the keys to enabling countries to develop. Whether fighting poverty, hunger or disease, education is one of the basic tools for enabling sustainable development all over the world. According to United Nations research, over seven million adults cannot read or write, and almost 60 million children do not have a basic education. To change this, RIZQ Mercy wants to enable all people everywhere in the world to have access to high-quality education. We wanted to give quality primary education and lifelong learning for all children, young people and adults – coordinated and aligned with their individual needs and circumstances.


RizQ Clinic is a place where you can learn also consultation about healtiness. We are the first digital edu-health in Malaysia. We build a community for everyone who wants to learn knowledge in healthy and wellness. RizQ Clinic is an easy access for registration by using our own application. We build RizQ Clinic for empower women, young mother, newly parents, as a guide to reach a perfect life together.

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